Collaboration with universities and research centers

SENER works with these organizations in two ways:

  • It supports the education of future professionals and fosters student talent, by sponsoring prizes for academic excellence and through its own experts, who share their knowledge in lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • It carries out joint projects with universities, technology centers and research institutes.

Some recent examples of these shared projects include:

  • With universities:
  • Space. Design of a technology experimentation platform for Helicon plasma source motors for space propulsion, in collaboration with Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain).
  • Aeronautics. Development of numerical simulation models for axial turbines with the School of Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
  • Aeronautics. Collaboration with Mondragón University (Spain) and Tekniker on actuator monitoring projects as part of the Actuation 2015 framework.
  • Aeronautics. Framework agreements with the Center of Technical Studies and Research (CEIT) for the development of material and life technologies, and another with Mondragón University to study manufacturing technologies.
  •  Aeronautics. Re-launch of key testing in conventional turbines for future engines, alongside the School of Aeronautical Engineers at UPM and Zamudio’s Center for Aeronautical Technology (CTA). Completion of the design and progress on the production and assembly of the SAGE 3 turbine (Sustainable and Green Engines), as part of the European Aeronautical Program Clean Sky.
  • Healthcare Technology. Collaboration agreement to advise on and research Regenerative Biology and Biomedicine with the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (IBB), at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).
  • Water and Environment. Collaborative agreement with the Hydraulics Unit of BarcelonaTech (Spain), to develop flood protection on electric train viaducts in Lima (Peru).
  • Marine. Testing of marine devices at the Canal of the Faculty of Marine Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain).
  • Marine. Installation of FORAN software for academic purposes at universities in Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, Argentina and India.
  • Marine. Ocean Leader program, in collaboration with the UPM School of Marine Engineering.
  • Engineering. Participation in the ICAI School of Engineering’s teaching programme in Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering degrees. This partnership includes SENER’s tutoring of final-year projects and the opportunity to do work placements at the company’s offices in Madrid.
  • Engineering. Framework partnership agreement with Mondragón University to work together on research projects and technology transfer, continuing education and training, the training of young engineers, and attracting talent. 
  • With Research Institutes:
  • Aeronautics. Collaboration with the Spanish research centers Tecnalia and the Aeronautic Technology Centre (CTA) on the E-SEMA (Electrical-Smart Electromechanical Actuator) project within the European Aeronautical Program Clean Sky. This involves developing electromechanical actuators for aircraft engines.
  • Aeronautics. LIFT installation, technology development and conclusion of the design of the first aerodynamic compressor rig, with the Tecnogetafe Science and Technology Park (Madrid).
  • Healthcare Technology. Laboratory automation projects such as the AUTOPLAK system, connected to an automatic incubator, in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) in Spain.
  • Water and Environment. Study into options for reducing internal agitation and silting in the port of Zarzis (Tunisia), in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IH Cantabria, Spain).
  • Regassing plants. Project for the regassing plant at Dunkirk, France, in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IH Cantabria) to create a prototype of the plant’s effluent release system.
  • Oil & Gas. Collaboration with CAI (Argentine Center for Engineers) under the Committee of Suppliers of Engineering Services (CEPSI), to draw up a manual outlining reference documents for engineering standards for Oil & Gas projects in Argentina.
  • Solar. Collaboration agreement with the CIEMAT research center (Spain) to study materials corrosion in the storage of molten salts for thermal solar plants.
  • Solar. Collaboration with CIC EnergiGUNE (Spain) on the ACUTER R+D+i project relating to the thermal storage system for thermal solar plants.
  • Solar. Collaboration with the Solar Platform of Almeria (Spain) on innovation projects to optimize heliostats in thermal solar plants.
  • Marine. Development of new functions in the FVIEWER virtual reality module of the FORAN marine engineering software, together with the Valencia Robotics Institute (Spain).

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