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Press releases

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Infraestructures and Transport (USA)

Infraestructures and Transport (USA)

SENER counts with an extensive experience in Infrastructures and Transport,  in specific sectors such as Railways, Urban Transport Systems, Airports, Highways, Ports and Maritime Works, Hydraulics and Environment,[+]

Poster of SENER in Space

Poster of SENER in Space 01/03/2017

SENER has delivered successfully more than 270 devices and systems for satellites and space vehicles to agencies in the USA (NASA), Europe (ESA), Japan (JAXA) and Russia (Roscosmos).... [+]

Magazine nº 52

Magazine nº 52 21/12/2016

Article: Space: technology in the state of the art.. Interview: Diego Rodriguez, SENER's Space and Defense Director, and Aleksandra Bukala, SENER's Country Manager in Poland.. Tribune: Vikesh... [+]

Life extension program for the AB212 helicopters

Life extension program for the AB212 helicopters 24/11/2016

The program for the modernization of seven Agusta Bell helicopters of the Spanish Navy in service since 1974, will extend their operational life in at least 15 years, incorporating advances in equipment and avionics. New... [+]

SENER’s fundamental philosophy and values

SENER’s fundamental philosophy and values 20/07/2016

SENER is a company whose aim is to provide society with innovating and efficient solutions, with a high technological content, carrying out engineering and construction services and projects and industrial investments.... [+]

Interviews and reports

Space: technology in the state of the art

Space: technology in the state of the art

30/01/2017.- SENER’s history in space began in 1966 when Sendagorta and Tarifa were on one of their trips to the ESRO’s Paris offices and found out about a call for tenders for the design and construction of a rocket... [+]

Let’s conquer the Sun

Let’s conquer the Sun

06/07/2016.- Solar thermal power continues to advance in the world and does so largely with contributions from SENER. Its technology is present in 50% of solar thermal plants around the world.... [+]


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