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Press releases

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SENER develops the hold down and release actuator for the ATHENA telescope mirror

SENER develops the hold down and release actuator for the ATHENA telescope mirror

13/03/2019 (International) SENER has signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to design, manufacture and test a prototype of the HDRA (Hold Down and Release Actuator) mechanism for the ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High Energy... Astrophysics) telescope mirror. ATHENA is a scientific mission from ESA to find answers to major scientific questions about how galaxy groups and black holes form. In practice, the probe is a huge, 12-meter X-ray telescope that facilitates the study of phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts, magnetic interactions between extrasolar planets and their stars, the gasses surrounding galaxy [+]


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SENER News nº1

SENER News nº1 13/12/2018

The technological leap at Noor Ouarzazate III BepiColombo, a satellite with the participation of the SENER Group companies Contracts at airports in Spain, Ireland and Portugal Low-emission biomass power plant in Puertollano, Spain Engineering... [+]

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