FORAN Day Singapur

26/11/2015 (Singapore)
FORAN Day Singapur

SENER presented the vision, strategy and development plans of FORAN, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.

SENER technology and engineering group, a world reference in the marine field, organized its first FORAN Day in Singapur with a great welcome of actors of shipbuilding industry in the region. The event offered the attendees the vision and strategy of the company as well as product development plans and specific services offered by SENER to the maritime community.

The agenda of the FORAN Day enabled naval architects, marine engineers and designers to learn about the benefits of an integrated CAD/CAM solution as FORAN. Through presentations and meetings with SENER professionals, attendees had the opportunity to know more in detail the FORAN software capabilities and the features of the new version 80, recently launched to the market.

The Southeast Asia area manager, Francisco José Regueira, highlighted the event success, explaining that “FORAN offers a particular solution for each requirement. FORAN has all the capabilities needed to cover any current issue of ship design and production, having all the information integrated in a single database, ensuring that no information is lost. That means that we can prevent errors and save time and money.

" The event allowed the introduction of the new solution in FORAN for the Initial Design. "This new environment, very user-friendly, really makes easier the generation and management of hull forms, the general arrangement definition and the naval architecture calculations, in a completely revolutionary way" explained SENER´s project manager, Rodrigo Pérez, during the event.

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