José Antonio Llombart, EIPSA’s General Manager, awarded for “Lifetime Achievement” at the 14th edition of the ALE awards

02/03/2015 (Spain)
José Antonio Llombart, EIPSA’s General Manager, awarded for “Lifetime Achievement” at the 14th edition of the ALE awards

The General Manager of Estudio de Ingeniería y Proyectos (EIPSA), a company belonging to the engineering and technology group SENER, has received a recognition for his entire professional career at the 14th annual edition of the ALE awards. The award-giving ceremony was held on the evening of Friday 27 during the traditional dinner that ALE, the multinational corporation specializing in heavy lifting and transportation equipment, organizes every year at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid.

During the ceremony, ALE's representative highlighted from EIPSA’s General Manager: “He is a professional of exceptional knowledge developed along his more than 50 years working in cilvil engineering”.

This way, ALE gives recognition to a professional career of over 50 years in the field of special structures. José Antonio Llombart is a civil engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and began working in the construction companies Agromán and Caminos y Puertos. In the latter, he held the post of Research and Technology Director and participated in building and civil engineering projects, especially in those involving road and rail bridges (viaducts, bridges over rivers and footbridges) throughout the Spanish territory. Among them, various bridges of the highway from Barcelona to the French border and the Bilbao-Zaragoza highway. Also remarkable was his participation in the project for the construction of viaducts in the urban highway at the Avenue “9 de julio” in Buenos Aires.

In 1985, he founded EIPSA, Estudio de Ingeniería y Proyectos, which, in its 30 years of business activity, has carried out projects and provided technical assistance for the construction of special structures for urban and industrial buildings, storage silos and bridges. The latter stands for the most significant field of specialization of EIPSA, which has developed road and rail bridge projects involving different typologies (concrete deck viaducts, built in stages, balanced cantilever bridges, launching decks, cable-stayed structures, prefabricated solutions, arches, footbridges, aqueducts, steel structures, steel–concrete composite structures, etc.). Noteworthy references are projects in Spain as significant as the Alconétar viaduct on the Alcántara reservoir in the province of Cáceres, whose construction set a world record for the dimension of the main span of the arches, which were built using downward displacement techniques; the viaduct on the C-58 Barcelona highway, built without disrupting traffic on the central reserve of an existing viaduct, which is part of the highway with access to Barcelona experiencing the most traffic in Catalonia; the Tejina viaduct in Tenerife, which was built using deck launching techniques and whose design features a bending radius of 131 m and a 8% gradient; the Areinteiro viaduct in Galicia, whose over 1.400 m long concrete deck is the longest one built in Spain using launching techniques; the viaduct on the Contreras reservoir of the high-speed rail line Madrid-Valencia and, finally, various bridges built outside Spain. The company has also carried out special structure projects for architectural purposes such as the special structures of the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), which include a 92-meter high tower, built around a central concrete core that supports a roof structure, from which the slab floors are suspended leaving a large lower diaphanous space.

In addition to his intense professional activity, José Antonio Llombart has also performed educational and academic tasks as a professor at the Madrid School of Civil Engineering. Moreover, he is the author of numerous articles in technical publications and has participated in international congresses such as FIP and IABSE as well as in congresses and conferences held in Spanish higher technical schools and universities. During his years of professional activity, Llombart has also been awarded the Medal of the Spanish Technical Association of Prestressed Concrete.


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