SENER and MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA Polytechnic College sign an agreement and promote the SENER Classroom

01/03/2017 (Spain)
SENER and MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA Polytechnic College sign an agreement and promote the SENER Classroom

MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA Polytechnic College will have a permanent SENER Classroom at its Arrasate Campus, thanks to the collaboration agreement reached between the faculty and the engineering and construction firm SENER. The SENER Classroom will focus on Research and Collaborative Knowledge Transfer projects and will allow teams of excellent researchers to be trained in the Aerospace, Energy and Processes, Infrastructure and Transport, and Naval sectors, and in the areas of Technological Development, Human Capacity Development and Management Skills Development, as well as doctoral theses, specialised training, etc. Each of the future projects will later be defined in specific agreements or research agreements.

The framework agreement was signed today by the Dean of the Polytechnic College, Carlos García, and the CEO of Aerospace Engineering at SENER, Unai López, and is the result of the different contract research projects signed between SENER and MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA Polytechnic College over the last seven years. During this time, both institutions have executed R&D projects and doctoral theses based on SENER's activities, such as new predictive maintenance techniques in aerospace systems, the development of manufacturing technologies through deformation processes for high stress and temperature-resistant alloys and the design of electric machines for space applications.

This agreement is part of a general collaboration agreement signed between MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA and SENER last February to work together on research and technology transfer projects, continuous training, training young engineers and attracting talent.

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