SENER attends the Navarre Employers Forum

09/05/2018 (Spain)
SENER attends the Navarre Employers Forum

The Vice-President of SENER of the SENER engineering and technology Group, Andrés Sendagorta, has taken part in the Navarra Employer's Forum, an event held in the offices of the Diario de Navarra newspaper, in the city of Pamplona (Spain).

Andrés Sendagorta gave a conference entitled 'SENER: 62 years applying technology with a horizontal approach' as part of a series of talks organised by the University of Navarra's Enterprise and Humanities Institute.

This series of talks aimed to promote reflection on governance practices carried out with a broad and humanistic vision from the fundamental dimensions of organisations. The goal being to train people to know and gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental dimensions of organisations, so that they may, thus, live the practice of governance with a broad and humanistic approach, and know how to link economic aspects with legal, political and ethical issues.

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