SENER brings its rail and urban transport projects to Exporail Mexico

13/02/2017 (Mexico)
SENER brings its rail and urban transport projects to Exporail Mexico

SENER, renowned for its contributions to civil infrastructure design, railway systems, station and workshop design, and the definition of rolling stock, will be participating in Exporail 2017 on February 15 and 16 in Expo Santa Fe (Mexico City).

SENER will be bringing some of its major works in infrastructure and transportation to an event of considerable importance for the sector. These include infrastructure projects such as highways, tunnels, intelligent transportation systems, airports, urban transport, ports, and other integrated engineering projects which have been delivered both in Mexico and other countries. For this year’s Exporail the company will also be bringing its BlockSAT project, an innovative rail traffic signaling and management system patented by SENER. BlockSAT allows safe movements without any need to install additional components on the track.

“We’re delighted to be taking part in this event, which highlights the main trends in the sector. Engineering projects – especially those aimed at transport and infrastructure – require talent and experience which very often goes beyond the scope of civil engineering. In our case we have multidisciplinary teams to tackle projects using an integrated approach, with innovative solutions and proposals that offer benefits for the areas where each project is implemented,” explained César Quevedo, Director of Infrastructures and Transport for SENER in Mexico.

SENER in Mexico has an Engineering and Construction division that has been operational since 2006. It comprises over 400 highly qualified Mexican professionals, for the most part engineers, responsible for carrying out important work in the field of infrastructure and transportation both in Mexico and in other Latin American countries. Over this period SENER has contributed to the design and execution of large-scale engineering projects in the country, a salient example being the development of the Guadalajara metro’s new line 3 in its entirety, from its pre-feasibility study through to its detailed design. This project included the routing, as well as the implementation, architecture, structures and electromechanical facilities of the stations. The scope of the works also included the structural designs of the tunnel and the viaduct, the line’s urban integration, the track design, the rail electrification facilities, the controls and communications, the rolling stock, the rail and financial operational models, as well as the design of switchyards, workshops and transport interchanges.

In addition, the Group was involved in the Toluca-Valle de México passenger train, the General Hospital of Mexico, Mexico City airport, and various projects for intelligent transportation systems on highways all across the country.

SENER has earned a sound international reputation for its exceptional innovative solutions. In Infrastructures and Transport SENER offers integrated engineering services for railways, urban transportation systems, airports, highways, ports, maritime and hydraulic infrastructure, the environment, as well as urban planning and architecture, demonstrating its sustainability and integration. In this context, SENER excels by delivering outstanding projects that exceed clients’ expectations, also bringing improvements to the quality of life of the people in the immediate surroundings.

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