SENER celebrates its 50 years in Space in Bilbao

29/06/2017 (Spain)
SENER celebrates its 50 years in Space in Bilbao

SENER held the 50th anniversary celebration of its aerospace division in Azkuna Zentroa. The event, under the name ‘In the best company’, was attended by 200 people from the public administration, business and social sphere in the Basque Country.

The event celebrated SENER's fifty years in the space industry and paid homage to the company's fortitude and technological accomplishments, and also the team of professionals who made this achievement possible. The participation of SENER in Space in leading projects of the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and the ESA (European Space Agency) are guarantees of its success. SENER in Space has become a world reference with over 275 installations and systems successfully launched in satellites and space vehicles. It is Spain's leading representative in the ESP science programs, having participated in 70% of these.

The event began at 7:30 pm with a welcome speech from the chairman of the company, Jorge Sendagorta. Sendagorta spoke about the origins of the Sener group and the beginnings of SENER in Space: “The successful launch of a Skylark rocket from the Kiruna tower gave a boost to the space program which then became unstoppable for SENER (…) The dream of Space, a field in which we have always competed internationally, grew in size and scope, as did our knowledge of rigorous management of complex projects, extreme quality projects, feasibility studies…. He also made a special mention to all the people at SENER who have enabled the company to gain international prestige: For many people at SENER, this has been the greatest adventure of their lives. The aim of this event is to recognise the marvellous work and dedication of the company's employees, thanks to whom so many missions have been undertaken and with such success”.

Biscay’s Minister for Economic and Regional Development, Imanol Pradales, stated that “50 years of successful business is not an easy task, and even more difficult is achieving 50 years of technical and technological success in such a complex and specialised area as space. And even more extraordinary is that this success is thanks to the ambition of those who decided to explore this path in Las Arenas, Getxo, 50 years ago. Enormous determination is required –added the Minister for Economic and Regional Development-, but also the capacity for work, effort and talent to respond to this challenge. These factors have made SENER SPACE what it is today, a leader in the most important international programs and projects, and a great company that constantly demonstrates its technical and technological strength”.

After the speeches, a video, in which people talked about their professional and personal experiences at the company during the 50 years of history of SENER in Space, was displayed.

The Basque Regional Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantxa Tapia, has closed the event and referred to SENER as a "galactic” company that truly plays in a league above the first division. Its activity, so specific and specialised, its technological intensity, and its position in the world, the universe even, make the company a special entity. The Basque Government has congratulated the company and thanked it for its track record, inviting it to be an ally in contributing, as leading company, to the sharing of knowledge with the whole of the industry of the Basque Country and to spread the Basque Industry 4.0 brand all over the world.

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