Engineering for a 1,200 passenger vessel for Tanzania

31/05/2019 (Tanzania)
Engineering for a 1,200 passenger vessel for Tanzania

SENER has contracted the basic design of a 1,200-passenger ferry for Tanzanian shipping line Kampuni ya Huduma za Meli (Marine Services Co., Ltd.) to the Korean company GAS Entec.

The scope of the project to be developed by SENER includes conceptual and classification engineering, and is going to be developed with the FORAN System, the CAM/CAD/CAE software for ship design and construction developed by SENER. The design belongs to a specialty well known by SENER due to the recent references of passengers and Ro-Ro vessels, among them the 1,500 passenger ferry for Viking Line or the 1,200 passenger ferry ‘Mapinduzi II' for Posco Plantec.
With its 90-meter length, this new ferry will be the largest vessel on the African Great Lakes, and sail on Lake Victoria linking ports in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The parts are expected to be built in Korea and transported by ship and rail - a huge logistical challenge - to the city of Mwanza, in the northwest of the country, where the ferry will be assembled and delivered.


The vessel is to be of steel construction, she is double screw propeller which powered by two inboard main engines and it will have two conventional full spade type rudders. The vessel shall be constructed with an aft cargo hold, in order to allow the passage of vehicles and the storage of cargo, and therefore it will have one aft ramp door for vehicles, and another smaller ramp door in starboard side for palletized cargo. Vehicles and cargo will be arranged at aft of main deck. Above the main deck there will be four decks for passengers and crew. Below main deck one engine room at aft and auxiliary machinery space, one bow thruster room at forward will be arranged. Hosts the crew quarters, accommodation spaces, and emergency generator and Navigation Bridge that integrated the superstructure will be located above the continuous deck.

With this new engineering contract, SENER has the experience from having built over 1,200 ships and offshore artifacts worldwide under its own designs. With more than 60 years working in the Marine sector, nowadays SENER provides professional services to shipyards, technical offices, shipping lines, ship owners and official organizations all over the world. SENER undertakes engineering in all of its stages – conceptual, contractual, classification, detailed and production – as well as work in consultancy, procurement, inspection, supervision, coordination, testing and special studies. Besides, SENER has developed its own CAD/CAM/CAE software, FORAN, an integrated system for the design, engineering and production of ships and offshore artifacts, which is currently licensed to over 150 shipyards and technical offices in 40 countries.

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