SENER participates in the 14th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW)

13/06/2017 (Netherlands)
SENER participates in the 14th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW)

The engineering and technology group SENER participates in the 14th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW), held in The Hague, Holland. The aim of this annual conference is to bring together scientists, technicians and engineers from the international community to focus on planetary exploration probes, in particular, sending space vehicles to explore other planets or celestial bodies, regardless of whether they have atmosphere or not.

During this workshop, SENER engineers, Rodrigo Haya Ramos, Eduardo Urgoiti and Enrique Rodriguez, will present two papers: “Mission and GNC challenges from IXV to space rider” and “Scale testing of dynamic behavior of moon landing”, in addition to the poster: “Special check-out equipment for entry, descent and landing GNC verification and validation”. SENER is also co-author of the article “SOLID (Signs Of LIfe Detector): A TRL 5-6 instrument for wet chemistry analysis in planetary exploration”.

SENER participates actively in the organization of the workshop, with Rodrigo Haya as co-chair of the programme (PoC), convener of the “Aerobraking, Aeroscience, and Entry Technologies” session, and permanent member of the International Organizing Committee (IOC).

SENER is interested in demonstrating the company's multidisciplinary skills to systems professionals, scientists and programme directors, which encompass processes of design, simulation, integration and qualification trials.

The dynamic of this conference is based on workshop-style sessions, in order to create a balance between science, technology and programmes. Similarly, the conference seeks to promote a balance between American and non-American contributions (mainly European). Participants come from the industrial sector, space agencies and universities. In addition, the active student participation is encouraged.

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