SENER people build a soccer field in Morocco as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility work

03/02/2017 (Morocco)
SENER people build a soccer field in Morocco as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility work

As part of the work carried out by the SENER engineering and technology group in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), people working at the NOORo solar complex in Ouarzazate (Morocco) helped to build a soccer field to official standard measurements.

This initiative, which took place in the locality of Izerki (in Morocco’s Ghassate commune), was undertaken in coordination with the AZHAR association, which is dedicated to social development and cultural and recreational activities. The work performed by people from SENER included the positioning of the goalposts and nets, marking out the lines of the field, and the delivery of official-standard balls to the local school.

In keeping with its dedication to helping society, SENER seeks involvement with communities in the areas where it carries out its projects. As well as the contributions it brings through its innovations, SENER helps to create employment with development of the local industrial fabric, generating wealth in the long term.

The building of this facility is but one of the company’s many CSR initiatives. Other notable examples include the donation of educational materials to three schools in the Ouarzazate area, collaborations with the CODESPA Foundation, annual campaigns to collect food for food banks, the collection of toys with the Red Cross, and support for the Business Observatory against Poverty. Furthermore, since 2002 SENER has had its own foundation, the SENER Foundation, created with the objectives of contributing to community social service through training and the development of socially responsible business activities. In 2017 the Foundation celebrates its 15th year.

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