The AB-212, RSB 70 NG and HOT programs, SENER’s main features in Eurosatory 2012

17/05/2012 (France)
The AB-212, RSB 70 NG and HOT programs, SENER’s main features in Eurosatory 2012

The engineering and technology group SENER will show at the 2012 edition of Eurosatory, the International Exhibition for Land Defense and Security, some of its recent projects in this sector. Among them are: the program to extend the life of the Spanish Navy AB-212 helicopters, the SMU unit of the Saab RBS 70 NG system or the future refurbishment program of HOT missiles.

Eurosatory 2012 will take place in Paris between 11 and 15 June. At the event, SENER will have a stand where it will show its latest projects in Aeronautics and Defense and Security. In this field, SENER has over 40 years of experience in the supply of equipment, systems integration and engineering services, and its main business is the engineering and production of mechatronics and guidance, navigation and control systems (GNC), as well as ISR systems.

SENER will exhibit recent contracts as the modernization program of the seven helicopters Agusta Bell 212 of the Spanish Navy, signed in December 2011.This program will extend the operating life of the AB-212 at least 15 years by integrating new avionics and communications equipment, upgrading the flight and aerial navigation systems to current standards and incorporating new abilities for monitoring maritime areas.

This new contract confirms SENER position as an international centre of excellence in the development of integration solutions for defense equipment or systems, including support to the entire life cycle; products that normally already exist in the market, but need to be adjusted or ‘customized’ to different customer requirements, including the Spanish Ministry of Defense. In this context, SENER is a partner in Spain’s industrial and technological major European companies to promote and adapt different systems to the Spanish needs, such as the Lightweight Torpedo MU-90, VTOL UAV system or Camcopter S-100 (Schiebel), among others.

The participation of SENER will also include the RBS 70 NG system, the new generation of the VSHORAD (Very SHOrt-Range Air Defense) system RBS 70, originally developed by Saab Dynamics in the 70s which uses a laser beam to guide to lead the missile to the target. In this program, SENER is the design authority and sole supplier of one of the key pieces of equipment of the sight, the SMU (Stabilized Mirror Unit). This unit has two main functions: on the one hand, to direct the laser beam according to the commands received from the sight and, on the other, to keep the laser beam stabilized in the presence of other external sources of movement.

Similarly, SENER will show its approach to the HOT program, in which the company will carry out a full-service refurbishment of such missiles, and it will also present the HVAC project (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning), an efficient and powerful climate control system for tanks, which improves the performance in desert environments; as well as SAGEOS, a program in the Security field to develop a high performance electro-optical sensor for aerial surveillance.

Along with these recent contracts, SENER will exhibit its capacities as design authority of missile programs like METEOR, IRIS-T (AA and SL), and its works in programs such as NSM and TAURUS KEPD 350.

SENER is a European centre of excellence in design, development, production, integration, tests and logistics support of actuation and control systems for the aerospace industry, a field where the company has over 25 years of experience; SENER develops and produces solutions for fins control, locking

and deployment, seekers and vector control for missiles and other guided systems, and participates in several major European programs for clients such as the Spanish Ministry of Defense, the Spanish Navy, the Spanish Air Force, the Spanish Civil Guard, MBDA-UK, ZEISS, DIEHL BGT Defence, TAURUS Systems GmbH, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, and Oto Melara, among others.

SENER's capacity for managing multidisciplinary projects enables it to lead or collaborate in defense programs involving integrated systems. For example, SENER has supported the Spanish Air Force during the integration of the IRIS-T in the EF18, and is the Prime Contractor for the TAURUS KEPD 350, supplying a number of missiles, special ground support and mission equipment and supporting the integration of the missile in the EF18.

Spanish Pavilion
Hall 06 Stand nº H200
Paris Nord Villepinte
Jun 11th to 15th, 2012

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