High Speed Line: Spanish Eastern Corridor

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Viaducto Contreras
Viaducto Contreras
  • Client: ADIF
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 1997
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SENER has worked in all stages of the projects being carried out for the development of the line. Section between Madrid and Valencia is under operation since December 2010.

The line runs along four Spanish regions becoming the main axis of high-speed connections between the central plateau and the Southeast. Soon the entire line will give service to 25% of the Spanish population.

Madrid and Valencia have been connected in 1 hour 35 minutes, reducing almost two hours compared to previous travel times, while improving the safety and quality. It also involves the creation of 11 new modern and functional stations.

SENER works carried out in this new HSL comprises the following:

  • Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment Study: More than 2.500 km alignment alternatives studied, 700 km for the selected solution, 10 stations, 50 km of tunnel and 25 viaducts.
  • Detailed Designed Projects and Construction Supervision Management in different sections of the work, adding up to over 100 km.
  • Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment Study and Detailed Designed Projects of the access section to the city of Valencia, including remodeling of the entire rail network in the city, the Central Station and a 6 km-long connecting tunnel under the city of more than 700,000 inhabitants.
  • Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment Study of highspeed railway access to Cartagena and remodeling of Murcia’s railway network. The study includes more than 250 km of alternatives studied and two stations.
  • Restructuring of arterial railway network of Valencia.
  • Detailed Design Project of Valencia’s new Central Station, including the restoration of the current historical Station.
  • Detailed Design Project of the new tunnel under the city: 6 km, 2 stations –Aragón and Universidad– double track platform for mixed gauge.
  • Detailed Design Project of Castellon’s Central Station.
  • Detailed Design Project for the electrification facilities (substations, catenaries, etc.) for the Torrejón - Motilla del Palancar section (233 km).
  • Detailed Design Project for the train protection system against cross wind effects in the entire HSL.
  • Detailed Design Project for the noise and vibration mitigation measures in the Torrejón de Velasco-Cuenca section (160 km).

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