SENER group

Innovation and talent as a source of strength

SENER employs more than 5,500 qualified staff in offices located on four continents and its operating income exceeds 1.305 billion euros. The group earmarks 6% of its global revenue for R+D.

SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 which is a premier provider of innovative and high-quality solutions in three areas of industry:

  • Engineering and Construction, where SENER is an international leader in the Aerospace, Infrastructure and Transport, Power, Oil & Gas, and Marine sectors.
  • Aeronautics, as the majority shareholder of ITP, a world leader in aeronautical engines and gas turbines, set up by SENER in 1986.
  • Energy and Environment, an area in which SENER executes renewable energy and energy recycling projects in which it participates as a shareholder, as Torresol EnergyZabalgarbi y BRF.


SENER has gradually evolved into a group that focuses more on construction, industry and investment, although it remains true to its origins as an engineering firm, building its growth and diversification on its high-tech solutions and the talent of its people.

It continues in its commitment to the core corporate values on which it was founded: innovation, quality and independence. In parallel to this, it also follows its own strategy, ‘3i: Innovation + Internationalization + Investment’, which has led it to consolidate its position as a leading international technology player in each of its three areas of operation.

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