Social responsibility

To its people

SENER believes in its people, recognizes their potential for making a contribution, has confidence in their ability to exercise their responsibilities and supports their professional development.

  • A flexible and open organization: It offers its employees a flexible and open organization, individual care always based on respect, and ongoing training to maintain a high level of skill.
  • Safety at work: Likewise, SENER is committed to always maintaining the processes and taking the precautions necessary to ensure that the criteria and standards that guarantee people’s safety in every phase of project execution and operations are met.
  • A family-friendly company: SENER is also a family-friendly company that offers flexible ways of working to create a balance between work and family responsibilities. SENER has been awarded the EFR certificate by the Másfamilia Foundation to companies who demonstrate a commitment to improving the work-family balance and to equal opportunities.
  • Integrating young professionals: Finally, SENER promotes the integration of young people into the real work environment by allowing them to work alongside highly-experienced professionals as they carry out high-level projects, from the very moment they join the company.

To other organizations

SENER was founded on an ambition to provide a service to society that is embodied in its innovative technology projects, which bring about qualitative advances and help to improve people’s quality of life.

This is also seen in its commitment to social action, collaborations with universities and direct funding for other organizations, such as NGOs, that are working toward the same end of building a better society.

Collaborations with universities

SENER fosters academic excellence by sponsoring university prizes and programs:

  • Collaboration and internship agreements with Mexico’s most prestigious universities and colleges, such as the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the National Polytechnic Institute, the Ecatepec Center for Technology Studies, the Autonomous University of Querétaro and the Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • SENER and SENER Foundation Award given for the best progress in IT classes in the Marine Architecture and Marine Engineering program taught at the Higher Technical School of Marine Engineers (ETSIN) in Madrid (Spain). Also, as part of the Aula SENER project, students studying for the school’s Master’s Course in Marine and Ocean Engineering can apply for internships at the company.
  • Collaboration and sponsorship agreement for the Formula Student single-seater project, developed by students from the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV) and supervised by SENER engineers.
  • SENER Award for the best progress in Programming Languages at the UPM School of Marine Engineering.


  • Master’s Degree in Science and Space Technology at the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV) with studies specializing in mechanics and courses in the fields of aeronautics and space. 
  • Collaboration with the School of Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) to develop axial turbines.
  • SENER Corporate Postgraduate Course in Systems Engineering, taught at the UPC and recognized with a diploma awarded by the university.
  • Sponsorship of work programs with the Faculty of Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • Creation of the SENER Classroom in MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA Polytechnic College for research and collaborative knowledge transfer projects.

Volunteering actions

The SENER Group gives corporate support to charity initiatives promoted by its employees that demonstrate a strong commitment to local communities.

Recent examples include:

  • SENER staff working at the NOORo solar complex in Morocco worked with AZHAR, a local association for social development and cultural and recreational activities in Morocco, to build a full-sized soccer pitch.
  • The donation of IT equipment to the Home–Family–Person Foundation in Poland to be redistributed among people the foundation identifies as being in need.
  • Collaboration with the Mexican NGO Cadenas de Esperanza, donating toys and clothes for children at the Santo Tomás de Aquino and La Villa orphanages.
  • A cooperation project with the NGO Altair Morocco to provide humanitarian aid and school materials to children living in towns and villages in the north of the country.
  • Collecting of books and learning materials for underprivileged children and adolescents to be donated to NGOs in countries in which SENER is present, such as the Development Association of Izerki in Morocco.
  • Food collections for the Food Bank organization.


Each year, SENER earmarks a part of its budget to donations that support projects relating to engineering, healthcare, education, the arts and development.

SENER supports a range of organizations, including the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, the Codespa Foundation, Cáritas Spain and Mexico, the Red Cross, Fundación Desarrollo y Asistencia (Development and Care Foundation), the Food Bank, the Association for the Integrated Development of Highly Gifted Children (ADIMAC), the Association of People with Disabilities of Madrid (APADUAM) and the Association of People with Disabilities of Albacete (AMIAB).


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