Whistleblower Channel

The Whistleblower Channel tool makes it possible to report, in a confidential manner and using a simple form, any potentially irregular activities and conduct that represent a violation of the Code of Conduct and/or a criminal offence.

The notification of any query regarding ethics and compliance may be anonymous by filling out only the required data, marked with an asterisk on the form, necessary to investigate the reported complaint. All the notifications will be received and analyzed diligently, thoroughly and in confidence by the Compliance and Company Procedures Management of SENER, which reports to the Group’s Auditing and Compliance Committee. In all cases, they will be received by this Management body, applying an established protocol in a detailed manner and based on best practice, in order to provide a clear response and treatment.

The SENER Group’s Whistleblower Channel has two functions. Firstly, to help guarantee compliance with the Code of Conduct, by allowing the reporting of potential violations of the Group’s fundamental principles and values. Secondly, to comply with one of the general requirements of the latest reform of the Criminal Code for any Model for the Prevention and Detection of Criminal Offences.

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